International Best Seller - Free To Heal!
a life changing gift to the health coaching community
“I devoured this book in 3 days! I cried at the beginning because all I saw was my story too. I’m not a medical doctor but was in a soul sucking waitress job with what seemed like no way out. Dr. Shaunna’s story resonates with me and her steps to creating a successful Health Coaching practice are so clear and precise.”
Linda Rietmann
Certified Health Coach, Balance Health Coaching, NJ
“What I loved best about this book is it is very easy to understand! Dr. Shaunna’s heart is in the book spoken from Love. Any entrepreneur, beyond health coaches, could use this and even beyond that – anyone that wants to grow their business. This book is ‘off the charts’ beneficial for health coaches. A must have! The tools in this book are priceless. My favourite tool is seriously, the elevator. I have already attracted and I am coaching my ideal clients following the steps in this book! Free to Heal is a must read for anyone wanting to find the secret of success.”
“Motivational! Inspirational! Transformational! Thank you Dr. Shaunna for your knowledge and guidance with this long-awaited book for anyone seeking to build a career as a Health Coach. Your contagious spirit and soul have uplifted me in many ways. Feeling blessed.”
Aimee Hyatt
Integrative Health Coach, DogaFIt
Rachel Borntrager
Certified Health Coach, Whole and Well Co.
“I was struggling to launch as a Health Coach – Not anymore! This is not a read once book. This is a Manual. Dr Shaunna gives a practical step by step process not only to build a successful health business but also a successful life. Forever indebted for the wisdom shared.”
Lana Kirtley
Certified Health Coach, Empowering Health Journeys
“Free to Heal and the Awakened Healer process is a life changing gift to the health coaching community. Following the steps in the book and being a part of the signature program, I was able to visualize my perfect client and put together the steps for my program. I am honored to have been part of this process and to be featured in the introduction. That conversation sealed my commitment to my passion of helping Dads across the world with blood sugar issues.”
Tim Pedersen
Integrative Health and Nutrition Coach, Dad Bod Warrior
“Dr. Shaunna provides guidance that is insightful, thoughtful and real. It’s obvious that she truly wants coaches to succeed in healing themselves and their clients. She makes a seemingly unreachable goal approachable and feasible. In addition to a tremendous amount of hope, she includes practical steps and potential pitfalls. Her guidance is helping me on my own journey of reclaiming my purpose and my life!”
Dr Selvi Vasudevan
Medical Doctor, Certified Health Coach, Crohn's Coach

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